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MUV-APP is the platform that turns the complex and huge urban mobility system into a safe, sustainable and user-friendly system.

MUV-APP enables Mobility as a service for the public administration, to provide innovative tools for the management of the entire urban mobility system.

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your urban mobility solution


The access point to smart urban mobility. Create your profile, select your favourites, receive notifications, consult real time and scheduled timetables of public transports, evaluate the best travel solutions by planning your trip.


Help your city's urban mobility to become more sustainable, declare a green journey, before you are about to start it, follow the instructions and collect points, thanks to which you will receive some banconuts. For more info read the regulation on the site of greenApes.


The urban mobility card, once the module has been activated, offers the possibility to purchase and / or book tickets and season subscriptions.


Actively participate in making your city's mobility better, through feedback, geo-referenced and shared with other users. Interact by commenting and voting on each feedback and earn karma based on the reliability of the shared information.

Data directly

Data directly produced by the user of the MUV-APP: the above-mentioned feedback of the City-Zen module. Thanks to the storage, elaboration and analysis of such data, it is possible to increase urban mobility’s efficiency, sustainability and quality perception.

Data indirectly

Data indirectly produced by the final users of the MUV-APP (e.g.: tracking users’ interaction with the MUV-APP, profile data, most frequently done itinerary etc.)


Your urban mobility card

City-loop is the module to transform MUV in the urban mobility card. Designed to engage mobility users and convey a new vision where they can perceive a clear service strategy aimed to offer a seamless experience during their transit and travel across the cities. A personalized service which will improve over and over again with each travel, collecting datas and detailing profiles.

Create your own profile:

  • Rate your mean of transport preferences
  • Save your favourite routes and point of interests
  • Receive push notification about favourite routes, mean of transports or urban context

Mobility card:

  • Purchase and / or book tickets
  • Purchase season subscriptions


All of the mobility at your glance

City-glance is the access point to smart urban mobility. Designed to integrate all the services and data in a single hub to offer a clear overview of all the mobility aspects.

Through the interactive map you can:

  • Identify all the mean of transport around you
  • Consult scheduled timetables and real-time info
  • Filter by mean of transport

Plan your trips:

  • Start from your position, or select a departure point, and choose your destination
  • From now, or select date and time
  • Choose your favourite solution


Sharing Better Mobility

City-Zen allows to actively participate in making your city’s mobility better. Users are the most powerful key to improve urban mobility. Supporting the creation of a community around the mobility issues, that will make the users feel involved and motivated in sharing experiences. A social community that will allow users to interact, help and support each other.

Create feedback from your position, or choose it from the map:

  • Choose a mean of transport
  • Select a category
  • Add description and/or media and send the feedback

Interactions build reliable information:

  • Rate a feedback based on karma system
  • Comment and interact with other users


Make your city more sustainable

City-green helps your city’s urban mobility to become more sustainable. Designed to support green mobility policies and strategies, promoting modal shifting and green behaviours in mobility through loyalty and rewarding features.

Make your city more sustainable through:

  • Choose travel solutions also based on their environmental impact and the CO2 saved
  • Declare a green journey, before you are about to start it, through the check-in feature
  • Collect green points thanks to your sustainable behaviours, and convert them in banconuts. For more information read the regulation on the site of greenapes


Analysis and monitoring toll for mobility manager and public administrations

City-insights is the tool that helps manager and public administrations to take better decisions to improve urban mobility. Designed to support in delivering mobility as a service. Managers will be supported in developing active green policies and action plans having a clear overview thanks to the direct connection to the users real time data. A KPI report will help managers to analyze users’ real needs and suddenly align with prompt response.

Efficiency through:

  •  Itineraries – start/stop matrix
  • Heatmap and analysis by means of transport

Sentiment and sustainability analysis:

  •  CO2 consumption analysis
  •  Report analytics, based on category, position and reliability


Our principle is to provide a visualisation of the results since the beginning of the development process. This allows avoiding mistakes and improving technical decisions. Furthermore, our philosophy is to develop a UI before the beginning of the development phase due to the interaction between our products and the final users.

Wireframing and Prototyping

We create interactive wireframes and “clickthrough prototypes” to get a feel for the system, receive feedback, validate the effectiveness of interaction and test different interface ideas and usage scenarios. The behaviour, the main workflows and look-and-feel of the system are defined upon implementation. Consequently, no extra costs are involved to re-deisgn or re-implement features and processes.

UX design

We design every software system to solve users’ peculiar problems. The main objective is to let the user accomplish her task performing the minimum amount of actions. This way of working allows us to prevent errors and protect our users from their consequences. Following a step-by-step methodology, our interection designer conducts analyses of users’ behaviour, based on particular use cases, and then paves the most optimal ways to interact with the system.

Graphic Design

Good-looking and clean user-interfaces are of core importance for the final users since they allow the effective workflows and the usability of the chosen solutions. We always keep up with the latest design trends and best practices applying them to our work.

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